Concerning Bookish Hobbit

I’m so excited to have a shiny new blog to post my book reviews and musings for your viewing pleasure. I have been blogging about books for the past four years, but I wanted to start fresh at a new blogging service and with a new name. I had an account here on WordPress for academic reasons and decided to put it to good use again with this new site. I’m planning on being super organized here!

So what kind of stuff are you going to find here on Bookish Hobbit? Despite the name, there will be more than just my Tolkien fangirling, believe it or not. Reviews, of course, in all conceivable genres because I don’t really stick to one niche in my reading. You will also find my random book musings posted here or any fun memes that may happen to be floating around which catch my interest. And I do fancy the occasional reading challenge or two.

I read both paper and digital books. I’m the surprised owner of an Alura-tek Libre Pro and it’s opening up new avenues for my books and easing the burden of storage in my living environment. So this should be a fun experience gaining new titles through this format. I’ve been reading a lot of great books from my local library and since discovering that they’re available as e-books I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll have the space to add them to my collection. Hence you shall probably be hearing about how I’ve adjusted my life to living with an eReader!

So please pardon the mess as I get myself settled in here at a new place.


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