Review: The Children of Húrin

Title: The Children of Húrin
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Publication: 2007 by HarperCollins UK Audio
Format: Audiobook narrated by Christopher Lee

Plot Synopsis:

When Húrin defied the dark lord Morgoth after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, a curse was placed upon his kin and Húrin is forced to experience through Morgoth’s power the dark fate that will ensnare his children. Sent to live with the elves, his son Túrin learns of their skills and grows to be a mighty warrior under the protection of Queen Melian in the kingdom of Doriath. After leaving to live in the wild, Túrin’s doom will follow him, but can he overcome the dark shadow of the rumor of his curse? Meanwhile a nefarious spell from a dragon may prove to be the most dangerous conflict of all . . .

What I Thought About It . . .
There was nothing new for me reading this book because I have already read the expanded text of this tale. I merely wanted to visit it again in audiobook format because 1) I feel less guilty for not reading the unread titles on my shelf, and 2) it was narrated by Christopher Lee. Seriously is there anything that man hasn’t done? He’s everywhere!

I will take a moment to comment on the particulars of the audiobook itself. I greatly enjoyed how each disc was set up. I enjoyed how there was comments such as introducing each disc and closing it. And the dramatic music! It also plays between each chapter. I really do like this setup for the narration. It’s almost a pity that the book didn’t have its own soundtrack playing too! And the narration of Christopher Lee? One of the better ones that I have heard, but I am still a relative novice to audiobooks. Yet if he’s done more work, I would like to hear it. And I advocate that he perform more Tolkien works!

Why do I fancy tragedies? It is something that I know not the reason. This was the second time I had experienced the tale of Túrin and Nienor in this particular version and I still obtained more from it in regards to them. I have found that I take something new or different from Tolkien with each reading of his works. I’m still convinced that Túrin’s downfall is the result of his own pride and not the curse of Morgoth upon the kin of Húrin. Yet is it any wonder when he spent much of his childhood with the influence of his proud mother? I feel that Túrin is either the type of character you love or you think he’s a complete jerk. I have this odd fantasy that if a movie were ever filmed that Christian Bale should play the role of the son of Húrin.



3 thoughts on “Review: The Children of Húrin

    • I asked my boyfriend what single item I should have as a rating and he suggested the One Ring. I was originally going to go with teacups (with tea in them). But rings are fitting!

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