A Mystery Solved

I do like to read mysteries, but if you were to look at my reading list from the past few years you would see very few mysteries on there. Why is this? I have wondered because I read Nancy Drew obsessively as a child… and still do pull an adventure of Miss Drew’s from the shelf from time to time. Sherlock Holmes also entered my life around that time. I seen the TV movie called 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns and loved it so much that I wanted more of this detective. (Wow, the actor who played Rathe in Young Sherlock Holmes played the detective in this one? That’s an interesting tidbit to discover.) I later found one of those children’s books of Holmes’s adventures and read it a lot over the next couple years until I acquired a collection of Doyle’s actual stories. And it was also during this time that I discovered Basil Rathbone, whom remains my favorite Holmes to this day. My father told me that I would probably like reading Nancy Drew so I was always checking out those books from the library for awhile too. For a long time I only ever had a few Drew books, but over the last few years I acquired many more. Mostly I’ve seen the classic yellow hardcovers on the bargain shelves at the bookstore and decided I needed them.

I joined the mystery newsletter that was available on my local library’s website. Yet most of the selections are just a turn-off for me. Why? Recently I gave it some thought since I went to see Heather Webber at a book signing. Then it hit me! I love cozy mysteries! Most of the mysteries I see advertised or on the bookshelf are not… well, cozy, I guess you would say. The plots kind of sound the same after awhile too, but I guess that happens with most genres when you browse enough. Although would you not agree that it is ironic how I don’t care to read mystery books detailing grisly scenes, but I have no problem watching horror movies? It doesn’t make sense to me either.

So I obviously like my mysteries in an historical setting. The Lord Meren series had me all ecstatic for Ancient Egypt. I found one of Laura Joh Rowland’s books set in feudal Japan for a dollar at a bookshop and ended up liking it even though I think it was the eighth book in the series. And of course I like the Nina Quinn and Lucy Valentine books by Heather Webber so I think it’s safe to say that I’ll read mysteries set in a contemporary time. But I’m not sure what other authors I should try out.

You know what? Go ahead! Recommend some mysteries to me!


3 thoughts on “A Mystery Solved

    • Oh, these books sound like they would be interesting to read. Thanks for hooking me up with some more mysteries to read when the limited number on my shelves are all done.

  1. You’re welcome. Best part is they’re series, so more reading! But every book I’ve read so far reads as a complete story so you don’t have any cliffhangers to deal with.

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