Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Title: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Publication:Project Gutenberg
Format: E-book

Book Synopsis

This is collection of twelve stories featuring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most memorable creation, the masterful detective Sherlock Holmes. Using keen observation and scientific deductions, Holmes throws his brilliant mind against the criminals plaguing London.

What I Thought About It . . .

I’ve been meaning to read more Sherlock Holmes for years. My hardcover collection has sat on the shelf neglected for so long, but lately I felt the need to stop procrastinating so much. However, I was unable to read my hardcover copy at the moment so I fired up my e-Reader to read these classic mysteries. And I am finally getting use out of that device.

I’m not sure what it is about Sherlock Holmes that I find so appealing. Perhaps it is his disdain for most company. He wishes to help people, but in a solitary manner as opposed to more traditional means of interaction and assistance. He wants to pursue problems and test his scientific mind to find criminals, but he experiences such a passion for music that you would think him a different person. He’s not heartless although I think he’d like to give the appearance that emotions are above an individual such as he. Still I feel I’m not the only reader whom wished to see Holmes deliver a well-deserved thrashing to a certain sallow-skinned man. Alas we can’t have such brutality now, can we?

Some of these stories I was familiar with prior to reading them at present. Some of them, like “A Scandal in Bohemia”, I had read when I first bought my collection. Others I was familiar with due to a children’s version of some of the stories that I had as a little girl. Although “The Speckled Band” was really the only thing I remembered in detail. I always thought it was a grand notion to own exotic animals growing up, and I still fancy it so I do. It was a nice array of stories, and I did enjoy seeing if I could figure them out before the end such as “A Case of Identity”. Yet it was nice to just relax and let Sir Arthur Conan Doyle take me away across the streets of London and the surrounding area in pursuit of crime. Although I can’t really say that any of the tales would be considered a favorite at the moment. Perhaps in another collection of Holmes stories I may find one.

Naturally I would recommend it, and I look forward to reading these stories again in the future! It seemed appropriate that the Basil Rathbone films would be on Turner Classic Movies while I was perusing this set of stories. It made for a pleasant distraction between cases.



5 thoughts on “Review: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  1. My husband is a huge Holmes fan, but I’d never read any of the stories until this year. I have to admit that I’ve been surprised at how many of the stories that I were completely unfamiliar to me.

  2. I recently read The Return of Sherlock Holmes on my nook and it was the perfect format for short stories. I find Sherlock appealing, but I can’t really pinpoint why. Have you seen the recent BBC series Sherlock? It’s fabulous!

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