Review: Shroud of Dishonor

TITLE: Shroud of Dishonor (Templar Knight #5)
AUTHOR: Maureen Ash
PUBLICATION: 2010 by Berkley Prime Crime
FORMAT: Paperback


Templar Bascot de Marins is preparing to rejoin the Holy Wars when he is called upon to investigate a gruesome murder in the Order’s own chapel…

The shocking discovery of a strangled prostitute in the Templar chapel throws the Order into disarray. Alongside the corpse is a purse containing thirty pence-the same amount of silver Judas received for betraying Christ.

Is the murder revenge for a Templar brother’s betrayal? Has one of their own broken his vow of chastity? The Order’s preceptor turns to Bascot to determine whether an outsider is seeking to dishonour the Templars or a murderer walks among their ranks.


It seems like I’ve had this book on my request queue for ages, but I was pleased when it finally came in! I just happen to be in the mood for Templars at the moment and what better way to pass the time than read another adventure of my favorite Templar detective in books?

I think of the five books published for the series so far, this one would be my favorite that I’ve read. There are still all the charms that I’ve come to like from this mystery series and I feel that the books keep getting better as new obstacles arise, the characters develop as time goes on. It’s interesting to ponder the questions that one might have when knowing of the restrictions of the Templar Order and how hard these vows could be, especially in the face of temptations. I was kind of amused by the comment that Bascot makes about how he’s kept to his vow of chastity since joining the Order, but in his youth he didn’t always resist the company of willing women. Despite the fact that Bascot has rejoined the Order by this point there are still ways that Ash has brought all the familiar characters that we’ve come to know into the narrative for this installment of the series.

As I’ve gotten older I have realized that I have a fascination with antagonistic characters, but there’s still a part of me that has a soft spot for the heroes. Oh, Bascot de Marins is the ideal candidate for a perfect knight! I can’t really add anymore than I’ve already mentioned in previous reviews of the books in the series, but I just really like this character!

Roget is easily becoming one of my favorite characters in this series. Although a bit of a womanizer, I like how he’s started to change. And one of my favorite parts was when he and Bascot are speaking to the woman taking care of the prostitutes’ children, but in order to keep the fear from the little girls he sends a man off to get food for them, saying, “Women of all ages should be cherished, not frightened.” A sweetheart for the girls, and a terror to criminals, oh what a guy!

Has anyone seen that Zorro series released by New World? I could easily picture Philippe from that show in the role of Gianni. You know, it might be fun to develop a dream cast for this series.

Book six in the series, A Deadly Penance, is scheduled for release November 1st of this year. Guess what book I am looking forward to this fall?



2 thoughts on “Review: Shroud of Dishonor

  1. I know I said this the last time you reviewed a book from this series, but I really must read these. Sound like they would be a perfect counterpoint to my beloved Cadfael mysteries.

    BTW, the new header looks great.

    • I’m still amazed that I went so long without becoming aware of it, and I would still be in the dark if my curiosity of seeing what was in the fiction listing for Templars in the library system wasn’t sated. I think I shall join the mystery reading challenge next year because I’ve been finding series I’d like to try.


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