Fiction Lust

Sometimes I am left to wonder whether my attraction to certain actors is more or less my attraction to particular characters that they portray on film. Do I really fancy Viggo or am I just in love with him when he plays Aragorn and is all scruffy and holding a shiny sword? (My boyfriend says I am a fan because I like to watch Appaloosa and Eastern Promises.) Am I really a Gerard Butler fangirl or do I just like it when he’s a sexy vampire or the reclusive Opera Ghost? (Actually the answer is yes, I am truly a hopeless fan for this man in anything he does!)

Yet there are some instances where I thought I might have liked an actor, but it just turned out I liked the character he or she portrayed. I’m sure most people have characters that they positively adore in books. There’s usually a topic on forums that asks members who their book crushes are. Most of my heroes are more flawed than perfect, and I do like a good antagonist in a story. I suppose that we all have our limitations on what we will tolerate in either the good or the bad guys, right?

I am an adamant fan of Edmond Dantes from The Count of Monte Cristo. There are many memorable instances in the tale, but one of my favorite parts is where he keeps vigil over the daughter of his enemy. And I still haven’t figured out why movies wish to exclude Haydee or render her character a mere footnote in the grander scheme of the narrative. I for one am in support of these two characters with little enough liking for Mercedes. I don’t think that I’d fall for any actor playing the role of Dantes so much for the person as for the character. I’m just a hopeless fan for the Count! What can I say?

I’ve seen a few movies with Eric Bana, but the only film that I rather like him in has been Troy because he plays Hector, a character whom I particularly like after having read The Iliad. Again it’s more for the role than the actor. He’s a good actor, but I’m kind of smitten with Hector and it seems to be one of the few characters that I demand a good portrayal of in those retellings of the Trojan War.

So, dear readers, who are some of your book crushes?


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