Review: Skin

TITLE: Skin (The X-Files)
AUTHOR: Ben Mezrich
PUBLICATION:1999 by HarperCollins
FORMAT: Paperback


When a couple of medical students mistakenly harvest skin from the wrong cadaver for a transplant procedure, it sets off a chain reaction that lead Agents Mulder and Scully to Thailand and secrets buried twenty-five years ago.


This was a pretty easy book to get into for me. It’s been a long time since I watched the series (although I do have it on the Netflix queue for a planned marathon at some point), but the way it’s written doesn’t really require the reader to be deeply familiar with the characters created by Chris Carter. There are a few references to other things that happen in the show, but nothing that will be deeply detracting from the narrative or enjoyment of it.

Scully attempts to find the answer to the mystery through scientific means as expected. The jargon didn’t appear overwhelming to the less than scientific types like myself and I remember a bit from high school biology about skin. So it was interesting how important skin becomes in this book. Still would immortality really be possible even with regenerating skin cells? Or could the other complications with the advent of old age also be solved through the science of transplant procedures?

Such a shame how innocent people come to such unfortunate ends though.

Overall I found this book to be good on the average scale. I make it a point not to expect great examples of literature from books based upon such fandoms. X-Philes would probably eat it up. If you’re not much for television but you would like to join in the fandom, this would probably be a good book to pick up from your library. It reminds me that I should really read through all those other X-Files novels I have sitting on the shelf again. I could reap more space on my shelves.



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