It’s been an interesting year of reading. I wonder if the first book read in the year sets the stage for the rest of those months? I haven’t found a whole lot of books to love to the point where it becomes painful if I do not possess a copy of it nestled among the other tomes on my shelves. Several were highly enjoyable titles, but true love was hard to come by in 2011.

A book that I’ve read which would warrant that elusive five Rings of Power rating was one that I did not even compose a review to share my love. While I have always had a fondness for owls, I didn’t believe that a memoir about one would leave me in such tears at the end. Cats were always my totem animal yet it seems that in the last year my affection for owls grows, and most decidedly for those gorgeous barn owls. So Wesley the Owl seemed the perfect book to read as my obsession grew. I tested it from the library because that’s what they’re there for and I knew that I had to own this book. I shall make sure to have a box of tissues within easy reach next time I settle down for this touching book. Perhaps I might be able to compose a thoughtful review for this book with a future reading and I can explain to you just why I feel so strongly for it.

I felt a similar love for the book in my hands as I read The Night Circus. The opening chapter had me excited. It’s like a fairy tale for adults. The prose is delicious, much like licking the butter from your fingers that comes from eating popcorn. I just wanted to fall into this world that Morgenstern has created. All the hype that surrounds this novel was well deserved. I supposed that I gushed enough over it in my review, but what’s a little more, right? For some reason if they ever make a movie based on this book, I could see Kevin McKidd, a.k.a. Percy Jackson’s dad in The Lightning Thief, in the role of the man in the gray suit.

Maybe I’ve grown more selective in my reading about what I award higher ratings to. There was one book that I just felt the need to reread this past year because I don’t think I had touched it in a decade and a half and I had owned my own copy of it for a couple years now. I remember loving it to the point I would have given it 5 as a ranking, but upon visiting it again, while I still felt a strong attachment to it, I feel that it only warrants a 4. Nabokov was right when he said a true and avid reader is a rereader, I guess.

I am hoping that 2012 will reveal more books for me to feel an overriding need to cherish. So what were the books that you really loved in the past twelve months?


7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I’ve not heard of Wesley the Owl before but it’s now on my wishlist. I received The Night Circus for Christmas and can’t wait to dive into it!

    I think my rating system has become more harsh this year too. I think I just know a 5/5 book when I read it, and if I don’t get that feeling about a book, I don’t give it a very high rating. The more great books I read, the harder it becomes for other books to live up to them.

    Happy New Year, hope 2012 is great for you 🙂

    • I think this is a sign that we’re growing as readers. 🙂 Although I’m starting to fear reading classics I haven’t touched in a long time. What if they’re not as magical as I remember them?!

      Here’s to us and the great books that are waiting for us to discover them!

    • I’m going to try and read all my series together if I can so then the information from earlier volumes will still be fresh in my mind. I have a lot of sequels to catch up on too. There’s just too much reading to squeeze inside a mere year, let’s just settle for that.

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