The Resolutions of a Bibliophile

I’ve said it again and again that I will not buy new books until I’ve conquered this mountain of unread titles languishing on my shelves. Each year shows me cracking under my self imposed restrictions until I lose control and go on mad book buying binges, feeling the shame as I find myself drowning in more books that I fail to have the time to read. At this rate my living space will resemble Yomiko Readman’s place.

So I need to take well defined measures. I cannot really say drastic because totally cutting off my book spending WILL NOT HAPPEN for the moment so I need to find ways to work around it. However, I can try to curb it. Rather than stopping books altogether I will impose a set of specific limitations. I will have to work to buy that book I want to own.

Perhaps this will make me work on reading much needed tomes a bit more diligently because I do want the new Patricia Briggs books. And I will also be getting the final volumes in the Kane Chronicles and the Nicholas Flamel series this year. There are other books coming out, but those are the main ones that I am waiting to complete my collections.

    Ways to Scale Mt. TBR in the Year 2012

  • Precious shall not purchase new books during the year that do not fall under the exceptions.
  • The only books that may be purchased are those in a series that I am already in the process of collecting.
  • New series installments may only be purchased after a span of ten books have been finished from my stacks. Ten read books will equal one new book.
  • Library patronage will still be exercised during this period, but there will be a limit of one book checked out per month to allow for maximum owned collection perusal time. The only exception to this rule will be if a title with a long wait list becomes available. Naturally audiobooks will also be excluded for the obvious reason.

I think this might be a suitable method of still buying, but also showing some progress in my reading.


10 thoughts on “The Resolutions of a Bibliophile

  1. I highly recommend getting a pile and reading the first chapter of each, and deciding if you really want to read it after all. Then give them away!!

    Unless you are a book keeper. Then never mind. 🙂

  2. You could also join The TBR Challenge. It runs from Jan. 1 to April 1 I believe. The Challenge is only to read the books on your TBR shelf during that time. This way you have a specific time span so the pressure to not buy isn’t so high that you binge when you can buy again. I’m not sure who is hosting it, but I am sure you can Google it.

  3. I was a library helper and later a library officer when I was in school. I tend to collect books as well. Each time I want to get rid of some, I just can’t seem to figure out which ones need to go. Its the recorded knowledge, feelings, hopes and aspirations of the entire human race. Who couldn’t collect that?

    Nice to meet your blog.


  4. I know exactly what you mean because I seem to have the same problem. It began a number of years back when I was trying to read university books (as I am a Zoologist) instead of reading the fiction books I wanted to read. Unfortuantly at the same time, I came across a lot of second hand book shops and a science fiction/fantasy speacialist shop (with many books which I couldn’t get from high street shops). So I started getting second hand books (and who wouldn’t because they’re cheap!) and the new ones from the science fiction shop. I didn’t read them because I needed to read the uni books. Then to make it worse, I discovered Blackwells in Oxford which is the only bookshop in the country that I’ve found that has a good stock of academic ecology/wildlife books.

    As a result, I’ve made a list of fiction books that are going to be published this year which I am going to buy. Other than that, I am only going to allow myself to buy uni books. I will only get fiction books which aren’t on the list this year after I’ve made a good dent in my TBR pile. I’ve also set a lot of reading challenges to get me reading the ones I’ve got.

  5. somehow i feel a bit jealous because of what seems like a mountain of books that you own. i wish you get through them all. i’ve never followed any book series instead of harry potter. i wish you well on your resolutions! i hope you curb your book spending for the best. go for it!

  6. Ah, I make a similar resolution a few times during the year, but I’ve always gone on a “Book Buying Ban” month. It worked, but minimally. I can only read so many books in a month whilst in graduate school.

    However, as I, too, am always seeking the bottom of my TBR pile (which is really kind a swamp-like scattering of books on my floor), I think I’m going to take a few of your exceptions into practice this year for myself. Particularly no books beyond series currently reading/collecting, and one book per month from library excluding those I’m on the wait-list to receive.

    This are good rules & exceptions.

    • I’m glad that some of my ideas might help you too. I’m starting to wish that I had given myself some freedom on book buying, like maybe five books free of these restrictions. Then again I’m hating the fact that I have more than 70 unread books to get through right now. So I figure I will give myself some easier breathing room next year if I can just stick with this tyrannical regime for 2012.

      Good luck on getting through your books!

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