Temptation Thy Name is Loki

God of Mischief. Father of Lies. Harbinger of Destruction. Exiled and tortured by the gods, Loki swears vengeance. He will summon the mighty Fenris Wolf and the legendary Midgard Serpent, and they will lead an army of giants and all the dead in Niflheim. Brimming with the power of the most destructive being in the Nine Worlds, he will not rest till Asgard is in ashes and all the gods are dead under his heel.

I discovered this book after the new year began or else I may have used my $20 gift card for Amazon to obtain it before my buying ban went into effect. A book told from Loki’s perspective? Sign me up! I’ve checked the ILL catalog and it is currently unavailable. I’ll probably read my boyfriend’s book The Norse Myths to curb my appetite… although it will probably just make my wanting of it more intense.

I blame the movie Thor for causing this Loki crush. Seriously I go to see Natalie and I come back with another antagonist to adore! Instead of returning all my library books that I checked out at the end of last month, I keep getting distracted by Wolfsangel because Loki makes a few appearances and I hope for more before it’s due back on the 27th.

Well, at least you know what I’ll be begging for when my birthday comes around.


12 thoughts on “Temptation Thy Name is Loki

  1. I must admit I’m not a big mythology reader (okay, pretty much not at all) but that book sounds really interesting.

    btw, I really like your image up there. is that the phantom in there? 😀

    • I need to get away from the Greek myths. I’m somewhat tempted to re-read my book on Japanese legends at some point.

      Yes, I couldn’t resist a shot of my Opera Ghost plush toy next to the illustrated copy of Leroux’s classic. Although I think a better photo is in order.

    • It’s completely unavailable at my library or its loaning affiliates at this time. It kind of irritates me that I can find all kinds of weird stuff, but not this book.

      Well, I’m not sure about the best books… but if you fancy Greek mythology, you could do well to start with Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. My review of it can be found here if you are interested in hearing a little about it.

  2. I will be putting this on my wish list as Norse Mythology is one of my favourites. I got into it because I am interested in paganism (I’m not sure what Heathans would make of it, though, because they generally don’t like anything from the point of view of Loki…) I also have Wolfsangel as well, but although I’ve had the book for awhile, I’ve not read it yet. Have you come across Runemarks and Runelight by Joanne Harris? I read those recently and Loki is good in those.

    I am also interested in Celtic Mythology, Egyptian Mythology and Native American Mythology, but Norse remains my favourite one. I have been meaning to get around to Greek Mythology as well, but I’m holding that off until I’ve got through more books.

    • I’ve been meaning to get into Norse myths for awhile. I have not read the books you mentioned, but my library has the first one and I’m placing a hold on the audiobook now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

      Egyptian mythology has always been my favorite. As fun as it was to read the Percy Jackson books, I was pleased when Rick Riordan did Egyptian dieties in modern times. I hear he’s planning to do the same with Norse gods. That should be interesting, but it won’t be for awhile until the other series are finished.

    • I’ve tried reading longer books on the computer and it just doesn’t seem to work, but I’ve seen that the original Kindles are going for $79 so perhaps I should get one and then no e-book could be out of my grasp! *plotting*

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