Library Savings

I came across a post at Starlight Book Reviews about how much money was saved by getting books from the library in the past couple of years. I don’t know what my total would be for 2011, but I do plan to keep track for 2012. I know it won’t be a lot if I stick with my resolutions. However, I could go back and do calculations for years past if I felt so inclined. But that sounds like a summer project when I have more free time to kill.

I finally see the need to keep records with a spreadsheet. So I’m going to be going with using the prices for new books directly from Amazon, which may or may not reflect what I would pay for one. I don’t always buy from Amazon. Yet the bookstore that I like to get books from also has discounts… so we’ll just go with Amazon’s prices to keep things simple, okay?

So far my savings are totalling $38.62 if I include the book I’m listening to in audio format. However, that is factored in as a regular book, because there are only a handful of books that I would wish to pay the extra money to own as an audiobook.

I can put these savings toward art supplies. That stuff don’t come cheap!


4 thoughts on “Library Savings

  1. I’m a big user of the library too – I’ve read 7 books this year, 3 from the library (free), 3 review copies (free) and only one book that I actually had to pay for. You’ve inspired me to keep track of my savings too!

    • I’ve always known about the economic factor of using the library, but I think that actually keeping track of what I save might help to resist from making whim purchases in the stores when I indulge in shopping. Although do I include books that I borrow from other people in this record?

  2. I also get many of my books from the library but I do buy those that I desperately want to read, that are not available at the library. I also buy many books second-hand. I am thinking about purchasing an e-reader. Not sure how that will influence the amount of money I spend on books.

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