Blogs Gone Bad Blogfest 2012

Gladiator’s Pen

We always celebrate the heroes and the good guys. But what about the black hats? The bad apples in the bunch? Those bad boys and girls need love too. Let’s show them some by joining the Blogs Gone Bad Blog Fest 2012.

From February 12th thru the 18th, bloggers will write short stories, articles, musings, reviews, and more about the darker side; the characters we love to hate or the evil things that scare us the most.

I just couldn’t resist deciding to take part in this event on the blogsphere. And it has Joker on the graphic… my fate was sealed. I’m not sure what I shall do, but I’m sure it’s also going to be the perfect excuse to taint this blog even further with my film devotion. My blog, my rules, ha! I have a few ideas on posts to compose for this event.


5 thoughts on “Blogs Gone Bad Blogfest 2012

  1. Ooo, I love a good baddie! Bring on the film posts, I say. I love that this takes event place over Valentine’s Day. Sounds like the perfect antedote for all that sappy romance.

  2. this is so cool! i am so looking forward to your posts. it is nice to turn the spotlight on the villains. there are good villains and this is a fantastic way to turn the tables on v-day!

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