In Which I Stop Ignoring My Books

It seems like having my hand on the pulse of the book community leaves me anticipating all the new releases and checking out far more new titles from the library than I have time possible to finish. The other day I wanted so desperately to break my resolution regarding the library to check out some books, not shiny new titles this time but classic books. Although it seems that Project Gutenberg has Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun… Oh, stop it, you crazy little hobbit!

Still I think something is happening to where I don’t need to be obsessing over books I do not possess right now. It could be due to my little actor crush so that my focus is zeroing in on films instead of books. This may mean that my rabid attentions will move to following the film community and allow my bibliophile tendencies to receive a respite. It’s probably the best thing really because I am reading what I have on my own shelves with more determination.

I think I shall try the Marquis de Sade’s Justine again and see if I can make it through the book this time. I like Donatien’s short stories, but I confess that I have found his novels a challenge.

I have even found the books on my e-reader to be an enticing prospect lately. Fitzgerald is just one temptation on my handheld device. And I have given serious thought to purchasing a Kindle so that no e-book would be out of my grasp. Loki still tempts me and also Loki & Sigyn: A Love Story caught my attention. Although through information gleaned from the review on a blog I read and the cover art at the Amazon page my first thought is “Marvel fanfiction”… but for the moment I plan on concentrating upon the books that I see behind me.


4 thoughts on “In Which I Stop Ignoring My Books

  1. Despite my promises, I too have been ignoring my longsuffering home library and having one fling after another with new books. Why oh why are books on shelves not my own so enticing?

    • I know that feeling entirely too well. Although I am pleased about reading something found on my shelves, but I wish I could get more of it read than I am currently doing. The temptation to hop on Tumblr and see what new Tom Hiddleston pictures or graphics are circulating can be a hindrance to the reading progress I want to accomplish…

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