Say No to Restriction

If I ever had to give up on any aspect of my New Year’s resolutions, I would want it to be the restriction I’ve placed upon myself for how many books I will check out from the library each month. So far I’ve done smashing on not buying books to add to my problem, but we can say bye-bye to the library restriction. I’ve ordered another book through inter-library loan.

Well, the real story is that I ordered a book, but after it was already in transit I was afraid that it was a children’s book. You can never really tell on some of those book listings. I thought I was getting a R.A. Salvatore novel one time, but when the book came it turned out to be a “graphic novel” of the book I was wanting. So I placed a hold on another book. I decided that I didn’t want to wait on the audiobook for Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and just ordered the regular book of it.

I may have left it at that were it not for Tumblr. I was kind of curious what Tom Hiddleston related things might pop up if I clicked on the “loki” tag. One of the things I found was a post from someone who sounds much like me. They watched Thor, fell in love with Loki, and wanted to read books that feature him prominently. Is it bad where I’m going on the list, “Read it… bought it… planning on getting it soon…”? Anyway one of the books on the list was called Giants of the Frost. The description on the link sounded interesting and better yet the library had it in their system! Okay, I cave. I can’t wait! I want it NOW!

I won’t be able to get the books until the weekend, which will mean that March is the breaking point. March seems to be my limit with any restriction I put on myself about the library. Still I will try to not go crazy for the rest of the year. And I’m going to aim to read twice as many of my own books as I do the library’s books. I must make the effort to atone for my fall from grace.

I imagine if I really like American Gods enough to want to own it later, I could get that leatherbound edition from the Barnes & Noble classics series. If I’m going to have books on my shelves they might as well look gorgeous when they can be.


4 thoughts on “Say No to Restriction

  1. American Gods is good. Particularly if you’re old enough to remember driving across country off the freeways and passing all of those roadside attractions. As for Loki, he’s related to Coyote, and you should read some of Charles deLint’s books that feature Coy. Like “Somewhere to be Flying”.

  2. I hear you! I tend to read whatever is newly plopped onto my shelf (from the library, bookstore or from paperbackswap etc) and all my books that have been waiting patiently end up waiting longer, poor neglected things. But I figure I will get to them eventually…best of luck with your restrictions!
    I read American Gods quite a while ago and loved it, but Gaiman said it was one of those that people loved or hated, so hopefully your strong emotion is positive or at least thought provoking. Enjoy.

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