Where the Books Go

For the past six years since I discovered it I’ve been taking a lot of books that I no longer wanted to a new and used bookshop (although from looking at their inventory it’s mostly used books) in exchange for store credit. This kind of adds to my problem of trimming my book collection because I usually come back with some new titles to read or abandon in the attempt to read. The place literally has boxes filled with books stacked on top of each other, which can be a problem getting to some of the books sitting on the shelves behind the boxes. Still it was always fun to browse what gems are hidden in the stacks. I found a Spanish dictionary while digging in the boxes, which I was pleased about because I had loaned my old one to a relative and never gotten it back.

However, after I allowed anyone interested in taking my unwanted books I have decided to start donating what’s left to the public library. It clears off my shelves and helps the library at the same time. I’ve made two trips to donate books in the last month and I know I shall go more because I have books that didn’t fit in that Borders tote bag that I was carrying the most recent bunch. It doesn’t really matter to me whether the books are put on their shelves, sent to another branch, or put out for the library sale. Somehow there will be someone who wants it, right?

What do you do with the books that you no longer wish to keep on your shelves?


2 thoughts on “Where the Books Go

  1. I didn’t know libraries took in donations of unwanted books, I usually donate mine to charity books but I’ll have to consider using the library as well.

    I am a terrible hoarder, I rarely part with books!

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