Indulgence and Dumas

I have finally decided that since I passed my goal a couple of books ago it was time to treat myself to the purchase of a new book. Still how am I to select which book that continues what I already own on the shelves? The Enchantress and The Serpent’s Shadow will not be released until May. I suppose that the paperback edition of River Marked is an option, but I kind of wanted to reread the entire Mercy series before getting her latest adventure. Since I haven’t started the History of Middle-Earth series I imagined I would save the final two books that I do not possess to use as something to request for my birthday. So there were a few options, but I settled on getting the sequel to a book I enjoyed so much earlier this year and that book would be the following:

So it was ordered through Amazon last night in addition to the film adaptation of The Three Musketeers that I enjoy so well. That would be the one that stars Lana Turner and Gene Kelly. It’s my favorite version and it’s a pity that I’ve put off owning the film for so very long. I really need to read that book again. Although I reckon that reading the first book will inspire to read the rest of the d’Artagnan Romances in the order they were meant to be, as well as finish the fourth book that remains unread on my shelf.

You know, I’ve been meaning to reread The Count of Monte Cristo for ages since obtaining the unabridged version of the text. At this point it’s been so long that I doubt I will remember what my abridged copy said or not! (My mind works like a brilliant bolt of lightning, one flash and then it’s gone.) For the past week I’ve been reading a chapter here or there during my breaks at work and I must confess that it is so nice to visit Edmond Dantes again. I can pay attention to other things during this perusal since I know the story. I don’t feel guilty reading it a little at a time either since the bulk of my reading time at home is spent with the new titles clamoring for attention on my shelves. I’ve completed around 150 pages so far, hardly making a dent at all. Perhaps this will be my selection for the “reread a classic of your choice” in the Back to the Classics reading challenge.

I have the crazy idea to keep an account of my general thoughts or reactions to the book and then post them here on my blog when I am finished with Dumas’ book.


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