April Plans

I finished ten books during the month of March, which has only happened one other year since I’ve been keeping track in 2007. I feel rather pleased with myself for reading so much during a time that normally isn’t very productive. Only three of those books were library books so I managed to accomplish a nice chunk from my TBR pile.

This may leave me with an optimistic mind-set, but here is what I would like to read from my own shelves this month:

And I will be trying to squeeze in the following books from the library:

I’m already halfway through with Hood at the moment. I didn’t put Tuck in the library selection because I want to finish Scarlet and see how the trilogy interests me by that point. As you can tell I’m determined to find a Norse story from Gaiman that I will like. And it seems I have a preference for non-fiction books when it comes to the subject of World War II.

Have you read any of the books that I have listed here? Feel free to share your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “April Plans

  1. I have read Anne Frank’s book maybe 10 times. I first read it when I was about 10 and then reread it regularly growing up and it had a massive impact on me. I do hope you enjoy it.

    I’m hoping to read The Paris Wife soon too …. we should read it together for motivation!

    • I have read a few pages of Anne Frank and I did like what I read of that bit so I am looking forward to it. I’ve held off on reading it until now because I didn’t want to feel rushed with such a massive TBR pile looming over me and savor the experience. Since I’ve accomplished several books that have been on the shelf for awhile in the past few months I decided it was time to treat myself to something I’ve really been looking forward to.

      Reading together sounds like a great plan! Would you like to start reading it next weekend?

  2. The only book I’ve read on your list is Ann Frank which, of course, is a must read. She was a superb writer. I like World War II books and am very intrigued by The Paris Wife – I haven’t heard about that, will have to take a look. How the Irish Saved Civilization – maybe I should take a look at that because my husband is Irish, which makes my sons half Irish.
    I like your list of books.

    • I’ve read the first thirty pages of How the Irish Saved Civilization when we were coming home from our trip that included the bookstore where it was purchased. I liked what I read then and have been meaning to read the whole thing for a long time.

  3. I loved The Diary of Anne Frank – listened to it last year, and it was one of my favorites of the year. Riveting.

    I have The Paris Wife on my TBR list as well. Unfortunately that list runs over 1000 books, which is a bit depressing, considering that I am lucky to read more than 50 books in a year. One day…

    • Are these books that you own or just wish to read? My owned TBR is just a bit over 50 books now. I could probably decimate that this year if I pushed for it, but I want to take my time reading this year and not rush through. I’m resisting all my Tolkien books because I want to save those for last without any distractions from other unread books.

      • I own many of them, but nowhere near 1000. I probably have 400ish at the house. Anything beyond that will be begged, borrowed or stolen! LOL

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