Distracted in a good way?

Tom Hiddleston is a distraction. Granted he is a talented and attractive distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. How am I to get any reading done when I’m watching his movies or scouring the Internet for images and interviews that leave me like this?

I’m wanting to see The Avengers so badly I can’t stand it! (If I directed all this energy toward The Hobbit all year long I shudder to think what would happen!) My significant other admitted that I was more excited for the film than he, and I’m not even the Marvel fan. Yet I’m also looking forward to Black Widow and Hawkeye so I do have legitimate reasons for wishing to see the latest superhero spectacle.

Seriously when is The Deep Blue Sea going to come out on DVD here in the States? This is so not fair! Normally I wouldn’t seek to watch something revolving around an adulterous affair, but the object of much fangirling is in it.

Midnight in Paris would have been absolutely perfect if it had more Scott Fitzgerald and less of that pedantic Paul.

I wish that Hiddleston would read for more audiobooks. Heh, I would listen to books I had absolutely no interest in because I could listen to that voice for hours! (I would even subject myself to the hellish experience of suffering through the Night Angel trilogy again if Tom was reading it, that’s how devoted I am.) You know I have to be crushing much harder on Hiddleston than Sean Bean because I still haven’t listened to those Sharpe audios that I got last year. That radio drama of Dracula puts me in the mood for Bram Stoker’s classic. Can we get the man to read the classics? The Count of Monte Cristo, please?!

Anyway I’m going to go… find a quiet place and watch War Horse, despite knowing what happens to him. Spoilers are a bane.


5 thoughts on “Distracted in a good way?

  1. I went to the movies recently and ended up being much more excited about the trailer for ‘The Avengers’ than about the film I paid to see.

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