Review: Odd and the Frost Giants

TITLE: Odd and the Frost Giants
AUTHOR: Neil Gaiman
PUBLICATION: 2009 by Harper Children’s Audio
FORMAT: Audiobook (read by Neil Gaiman)


Winter is not coming to an end as it should. Odd has decided to leave his home, but he soon encounters a bear, a fox, and an eagle that will lead him on a quest to save Asgard and the Norse gods from the clutches of the frost giants. Still what can one crippled boy and three animals accomplish?


I think this may have been the shortest audiobook ever at ninety minutes! Still I think it’s rather neat when the authors are able to read their own work.

I have resisted getting this book for awhile, but not because of my uneasy relationship with Gaiman’s books. I judged it as not really worth the trouble being a children’s book and not that long either. Guess what? I was wrong to judge this book before giving it the chance it deserved. (It’s not the first book I have dismissed in such a manner so I really need to stop this.) I enjoyed reading it to be honest. The story itself was simple and naturally words were not wasted in accomplishing Odd’s journey or his objective. Short, sweet, and to the point… if American Gods was more like this book I think I would have loved it.

The characters were charming and delightful. I even liked Freya from the small exposure we receive of her toward the end of this short narrative. We are given the bare essentials about Odd yet it provides an adequate picture of what his life has been and what kind of person he is. There was one comment that I rather liked when Odd sees Loki in his normal god form. He muses that Loki appeared to still have the fox’s eyes, or perhaps it was that foxes always had Loki’s eyes.

I would suggest readers interested in Norse mythology give it a try. It’s a fun little book to read and it won’t take long at all to breeze through. I would probably buy it if I seen it in the stores. Or at least get it from the library to read again.



3 thoughts on “Review: Odd and the Frost Giants

  1. I’m a bit ambivalent towards Gaiman too – I think he has wonderful ideas but I don’t really get along with his writing style. Was this a world book day £1 book? I remember seeing it in school around world book day a few years ago…

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