Do we still have Paris?

Since The Paris Wife is a pretty popular novel (#4 according to NPR’s list of bestselling fiction in hardcover) I thought I would give it a chance. I probably would have listened to it as an audiobook if I found one, and perhaps in that format I would have listened to the end without giving voice to doubt. However, since I am reading the hardcover edition from the library I am taking space from my reading time to peruse this book.

Yet I’m losing interest, I believe…

It started out pleasant enough. Yet once Hadley and Ernest are married and they go to Paris, I expected something more… well, more. Perhaps I hoped for a love letter to Paris like the movie Midnight in Paris, but they might as well still be in the States for all that really happens or is described. Hadley doesn’t really distinguish herself from Ernest. She has no hobbies or interest beyond playing piano and perhaps the occasional novel to fill her time. Her life goes from dull to boring as she pines and whines when Ernest goes off to write correspondence for the magazines.

My concern is whether or not to continue with a book that doesn’t seem to be doing it for me. At this rate if I were to finish it I would be giving the book two Rings. It has promise but ultimately unfulfilled. Right now I am about half done with The Paris Wife. I wonder whether I should hope that it improves in the second half, or abandon this current venture for something holding more promise. I suppose the wisest course would be to move on.

I checked out a couple of Hemingway’s novels for my significant other on my library card so I could always read A Farewell to Arms if the urge arose. Still I rather preferred to read more of Scott Fitzgerald before attempting to get into Hemingway.


7 thoughts on “Do we still have Paris?

  1. Oh dear, I just bought this book, I hope I like it more than you! If I were you, I would abandon the book as you are clearly not enjoying it and you could be spending your reading time on a book you like more.

    • I know there are people out there who love this book. I keep telling myself that I am too picky when it comes to books, so perhaps it is only my own particularly odd taste that makes me fail to get into The Paris Wife. This might be one of those times where we disagree on the merits of a book, my friend. You might find something in it that failed to grab me. I know there are friends who do not share my fascination with certain books.

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