Bump in the Night

As if my addiction to a certain British actor isn’t enough, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started watching the television series Supernatural. Yes, I know I am very far behind the bandwagon to be trying to jump on it now. However, I am not one to leap into a show at any random point. Except for cartoons, I need to see a show from the beginning. I had the DVDs for season one on the Netflix queue for awhile, but they were towards the end of a long list of DVDs and frankly it probably would have been a long time to reach them at our current pace with DVDs. We usually only watch them on the weekends because through the week is gaming and reading time in our household. So it may take awhile to get through the DVDs we have on our wanted list.

Yet this is where Netflix streaming is becoming more of a problem for me to accomplish any reading. Supernatural has its six seasons now available instantly and I’ve had them on the queue there for several weeks. This afternoon I wanted to watch something to clear off the queue. Last night I watched one of those Holocaust documentaries, but today I wanted something different. I have so many television series on there to watch at some point. Why not try one out and see if it’s something I will want to continue? Why not give Supernatural a chance?

And I love it! Six episodes down, 120 left to go. (I think I’ll be entertained for awhile.) I haven’t enjoyed anything dealing with the paranormal this much since Poltergeist: The Legacy or Brimstone were on the air!

My poor books are going to be so neglected now.


8 thoughts on “Bump in the Night

  1. I am glad you have found something that excites you, but isn’t it strange how those of us who gravitate towards reading and writing feel guilty when we are doing anything other than reading and writing?


  2. I’m a big fan of watching shows on DVDs. In fact, the only television I watch “live” is the weather forecast. I’m also a late adopter and am only now discovering The BIg Bang Theory and Man Mad. Happy viewing!

    • Sheldon is the best part of that show. We were watching the DVDs, but I found that after season one it just wasn’t as good in my opinion. I didn’t really fancy all the emphasis on relationships and the distraction away from what drew me to the show in the first place: the geekiness of its main characters. I stopped watching it in season three and I’m not sure if I want to watch it anymore.

  3. You’re in for a treat! I love Supernatural. Love the action-type directing and the witty one liners. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have such good chemistry together. And hey – they are not bad to look at either 😉 It’s one of those shows that has good and funny writing season after season. I do think that Big Bang Theory is one of those as well. I am currently hooked on Justified…

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