Review: Shockaholic

TITLE: Shockaholic
AUTHOR: Carrie Fisher
PUBLICATION: 2010 by Simon and Schuster Audio
FORMAT: Audiobook (read by Carrie Fisher)


We know her as Princess Leia in a pop culture phenomemnon, yet Carrie Fisher brings her thoughts to the subject of shock treatment, being overweight, and the relationships that she’s had over the years. This book proves that Fisher is more than just a space princess who sported a metal bikini…


I can say that I am aware of Ms. Fisher’s work outside of George Lucas’s cultural mash-up space adventure trilogy. I seen her in The Burbs, and a few cameos in movies like Fanboys. I didn’t realize she wrote other books and that Fisher talking about herself would be something that people were tired of. So this is my first exposure to such ego.

I found the earlier portion of the book to be quite engaging. Carrie’s witty sarcasm regarding her treatments of electro convulsive therapy (or shock treatment) and the battle of the waist bulge had me laughing quite often. I related to this self loathing that occurs when one realizes that none of the clothes in their closet fit anymore. I can’t believe that there are people who expected her to remain young and the society standard of beautiful decades after the fact when she was Googling herself and found a comment posted on how she let herself go. I really enjoyed these segments of her book. I would have been happy as a clam if the whole book focused on these topics. At this point I was considering buying a copy for myself at a later date.

Perhaps it was an unreasonable expectation on my part to merely assume that there would be some kind of heavy emphasis on the relationships and her time concerning Star Wars because the book summary I found made it seem like that would be a major part of the memoir. (If it was I probably would have loved it.) There were a few comments regarding it, or her hatred of that metal bikini, but otherwise the relationships she spent a majority of the book talking about were quite frankly people I didn’t care to hear about at any rate. I’m not a Michael Jackson fan, although I will admit that whatever song they had playing on the headphones the year when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was catchy. I do like Elizabeth Taylor, but the only reason is pretty much for Cleopatra. And to be honest I had no real notion of who Eddie Fisher even was before this book. (I really don’t care if anyone thinks I live under a rock.) Also the head-butting with Ted Kennedy over the dinner table and talking about her shoe tycoon stepfather seemed a bit… trivial?

It would have been wrong to have anyone except for the author read for this book’s audio production, am I right?

Overall I would say that it started out promising. Still I believe that because I was expecting something a bit different it probably affected my ultimate enjoyment of it. It was still a good book, just not a great one. I more than likely would have abandoned it once it got to the latter half if I wasn’t listening to it in the car.



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