I’ve reached a disturbing conclusion that if anything could convince me to sign up for a Twitter account it would be Tom Hiddleston.

Although sadly enough Tweets would be the perfect outlet for random book thoughts that come to mind which warrant nothing so grand as their own post. Would I really come to the dark side all for the sake of fandom?

Is it bad when I’m reading books and I fantasize that he’d be a good fit for characters if ever a film adaptation were made? I suppose the ultimate test would be to find the perfect role for him in something of Tolkien’s Arda. I think I would have to read The Silmarillion again to be sure about that book, but if we were just confined to The Children of Húrin would he be good as Beleg? Pointy ears!

Although I imagine I’ll have a dream cast role for him in The Count of Monte Cristo soon enough. Valar preserve us, I love that book!


3 thoughts on “Spellbound

  1. I went to the Dark Side of Social Media in October, and signed up for Twitter. It was explicitly and only to promote my blog, and I quickly discovered I loathed it as much as I anticipated. It’s mostly been dormant since then, although lately, I’ve been starting to use it more. But it’s just too complicated!! All the hash tags and re-tweets and other crap– blast it! I’ve actually heard from a blogger who’s been Fresh Pressed that Google+ is far superior to both facebook AND Twitter, and that her hits go into the thousands when she posts there. However, the new transparency and launch of Search Plus My World scared me off joining Google+.

    This dude is quite cute. What a perfect name– Hiddleston! How can you NOT be famous with that name?

    Do it! Come to the Dark Side. (Mwahaha!)

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