I want to thank those who commented on my earlier post and I think that after much thought on the subject I have decided to drop the use of ratings on my reviews here at Bookish Hobbit. (Even though they’re such pretty Rings!)

Book reviews could contain a postscript because I’m a bit crazy and need to exorcise that madness through this blog. I need an excuse to use those graphics I find on Tumblr.


7 thoughts on “Ratings

  1. I have re-thought my rating system time and again. I hate giving a low rating AND then not having very nice things to say about a book on my blog. Also, the rating I have set sometimes just doesn’t fit right enough for the book which I end up elaborating on in some reviews (& in a few cases have ended up just changing my rating). I may follow your lead and drop my ratings as well. I hate to try to precisely rate other things, I don’t know why I let that slip past on my blog..also (ugh!) I sometimes don’t even bother to read a review if the book has gotten a low rating from fellow bloggers. It may be best to just drop them. Good luck with your postscripts. πŸ˜€ (I adore that above picture.)

    • I confess that I started to rebel against the idea that my opinion could be set in stone with these ratings. And from comments I feel that my readers aren’t giving good books a try just because they didn’t get a 4 or a 5.

  2. I have been contemplating doing the same thing, as I enjoy books differently. I will miss the rings though, but i think you are moving in a good directionw

  3. I like the idea of a postscript or using a graphic to illustrate your feelings about a book. Would hate to see the Rings disappear forever. Perhaps you could use them to indicate books that qualify as The Precious. πŸ™‚

  4. I sometimes think that we are harder on some books because we have expected more from them. This is what happened recently with a book by one of my favourite authors. There are some films like that as well – I remember being very disappointed with Revenge of the Sith because I’d expected much more from it… However, I only try to give very low ratings on books which I didn’t think were written very well and even if I didn’t like a better book, I tend to give it four werewolves instead of five (which is what I would have given it if I’d liked it).

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