Avengers Assemble


5 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble

    • Did you see the interview where the radio DJ asked Tom what the movie was going to be about? And he replied, “I’m trying to get a bunch of bitches to kneel.”

      I simply cannot wait for Thor 2!!!

  1. Haha! No, I have not seen that but it sounds pretty funny. I also can’t wait for Thor 2. Not only did I leave the movie with a bigger appreciation for Loki, my love of Thor grew even more. Surprisingly I realized I really like Captain America too. (A LOT.)

      • I just watched that interview. I didn’t realize, he had that accent naturally – & good lord I love an accent! I loved Widow and Hawkeye but now I’m really mad that I didn’t see Ironman 2. (Which I will remedy soon.)

        Thanks for sharing the interview. 🙂

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