Review: The Serpent’s Shadow

TITLE: The Serpent’s Shadow (The Kane Chronicles #3)
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
PUBLICATION: 2012 by Hyperion Books
FORMAT: Hardcover


The end of the world approaches as the Serpent of Chaos breaks from his prison and runs amok in the mortal realm. Carter and Sadie must find the spell of a dangerous secret that could be their only hope of stopping the total destruction of everything they hold dear. Along the way they struggle to find a way to revive Ra to his former glory so that the mortals and gods will have a fighting chance in the final battle.


My collection is complete! Yes! The one thing I like about Riordan is that he has a set number of books he wants to use to tell his story and he’s not going to extend it beyond that to the point where we the readers are going to get tired of the characters or the story. I’ve noticed that each book in the trilogy gets smaller.

This book still maintained Riordan’s trademark humor that I find greatly amusing in his books. It was interesting to see the solutions to their obstacles. I like how the book leaves the idea open that we can see Carter and Sadie again. This is in relation to the notion put forth earlier in the trilogy about other gods besides those of Egypt. It makes me wonder if the magicians of Brooklyn House have a part to play in the events that happen in the Heroes of Olympus series. Would it take more than the combined powers of immortals and demi-gods to overcome Gaea? Although I really don’t see how magicians could help where that alliance would fail, but perhaps I’m not seeing the bigger picture of that scenario.

Other characters I am really starting to like. Cleo also seems the perfect character to describe me if I were part of this fictional world. What’s not to like about a girl who turns her enemies into life-sized books of classic literature? She reminds me a lot of Yomiko Readman from the Read or Die franchise. And for some reason Felix and his penguin obsession is growing on me. Ice magic has always had a certain appeal for me since Final Fantasy VII entered my life.

Sadie started to annoy me in the second book, but she really gets on my nerves in this one. The world is coming to an end and all she can think about is going to a school dance?! And I have come to the conclusion that I don’t particularly enjoy love triangles so the whole drama of her and Anubis and Walt bugs me. Again Sadie can’t tell the obvious is going on. I also think she has bigger problems than the fact that the gods do not wish her and Anubis to be an item. I know she’s only thirteen, but really? And even despite the fact that the perfect solution to her problem is revealed she still has to complain.

Overall I found it a satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicles. It could have been better, but I also think it could have been a lot worse.


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