Review: Loki

AUTHOR: Mike Vasich
PUBLICATION: 2011 by Createspace


God of Mischief. Father of Lies. Harbinger of Destruction. Exiled and tortured by the gods, Loki swears vengeance. He will summon the mighty Fenris Wolf and the legendary Midgard Serpent, and they will lead an army of giants and all the dead in Niflheim. Brimming with the power of the most destructive being in the Nine Worlds, he will not rest till Asgard is in ashes.


This book was my first long term commitment on my new Kindle and I can say that it’s been a pleasure to read on my new e-reader.

The first thing that I noticed about Vasich’s novel was the rather enjoyable prose. There are several moments in the novel where he delivers exquisite passages of what is going on and the emotions experienced by the characters. There are short italicized chapters that recount the traditional tales of the Norse gods, but then we are given Vasich’s version of events in this retelling. I did like how some of the myths were altered for this version of events.

This book wasn’t quite what I expected. I think this novel might have been more aptly titled The Asgardians because the third person perspectives are not only from Loki. In a way this choice is good, but for someone like myself who was expecting a more Loki-centric narrative, it might be a bit disappointing. There were things I wanted to know in the story but didn’t receive… and it made me rail against the relevance of other things that were included. And it’s never satisfactory explained how Hel can be both Loki’s daughter and the eternal mistress of Niflheim since before Loki was even born.

Odin remains caught in and out of time, experiencing past, present, and future. Why does he do nothing to try and prevent the future from happening at the death of his son and the other Aesir? I pondered this question for a spell and can only come to the conclusion that he was an ancient entity that was tired of living. I imagine it gets pretty boring when you live forever, wouldn’t you agree? The other gods were interesting at times too. This is how I want to see Freyja in a story. A dwarf touches her thigh? Boom! She crushes his neck.

I think this title would be a good selection for anyone interested in reading books of Norse mythology. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping to the point where I would love it as much as Runemarks, but I feel that it is still worth a read if you have an interest in the subject.


4 thoughts on “Review: Loki

  1. My boyfriend and I are thinking about if we ever get a dog together to name it Loki (or Luna). But, that is based upon the Marvel character. It would be smart for us to read this…So, we know what we are getting ourselves into.

    • If you really want to get to the core of Loki read books by Jesse L. Byocks (ex. Prose Edda). He translates the earliest recordings of Norse mythology by snorri sturluson) into English. 🙂

      All the other Norse mythology books, I think, are pretty much watered down versions.

  2. The title does seem a bit misleading – if I was reading this book, I would expect it to be all about Loki. Glad you are enjoying your new kindle, I couldn’t live without mine now, after a year of ownership.

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