Kindle and Library Books

I put several titles on hold through the library’s e-books awhile back, but due to my utter lack of interest in checking my email on a semi-regular basis I missed the requests that I had placed. I clicked on a few more and waited. At the time I did not own my Kindle, having nothing but a vague notion that I would buy one at some point yet not wishing to be confined to the Kindle PC app. Now I have a Kindle and the possibilities are interesting. I had requested titles with EPUB formats because my Alura-tek supports them and those files do not require much space, playing to my desire not to have to move some of my books from the e-reader’s hard drive to the PC.

One of the books that I had previously requested but missed checking out was The Postmistress. There has been interest in this title ever since it was first released. I almost bought a copy when Borders was having its liquidation sales, but I was having one of those moments of willpower when I told myself that I didn’t need to buy any more books that I hadn’t already read and could get them through the library. This book was available as an EPUB and Kindle file, so with the option of selecting which version I wanted I clicked on the Kindle option that took me to the Amazon page. It could only be downloaded through USB, but my Kindle needed a bit of a charge after my time reading Loki and the killer unicorns short story “Errant” anyway.

It’s a painless procedure. Much better than when I first encountered the e-books through the library option a few years back. They had their own e-book app for the computer and it seemed a pain to download that and the books. E-readers are much nicer.

I would dive into The Postmistress right away, but I want to finish my current read about the sociology of women in the movies. I hope to have it done within the next couple of days with any luck. And by luck I mean not getting distracted by things like Tom Hiddleston or Supernatural.


13 thoughts on “Kindle and Library Books

  1. I think if the Canadian library system had decent format support for Kindle, I would have wound up with a Kindle instead of a Sony.

    As it is, I have had to resist the urge to request ALL THE BOOKS. Because here you can’t renew an e-book.

  2. haha I love Loki! Tom Hiddleson… *swoon*

    And I totally understand wanting to finish up certain books first even though you’re dying to read some you just picked up. Pretty much the story of my life…. For instance, I’m desperately trying to finish Inheritance by Christopher Paolini so I can move on to The Count of Monte Cristo… but my discipline isn’t very strong, considering I’m starting chapter seven in The Count of Monte Cristo. πŸ˜‰


    • My boyfriend claims that I could never love Loki played by anyone else except for Hiddleston. He’s probably right, but still…

      I’m on chapter 72 of The Count of Monte Cristo. I’ve been reading it in snatches here and there over the past few months. Oh, how I love this book!

      • The Count of Monte Cristo is amazing. Have you seen the movie? That’s actually what interested me in the book…. It’s such an epic story.


      • Which one? Haha! I’ve seen several versions. I need to start on the anime Gankustsuou again. (Pretty but so hard to look at…) It seems to be the only thing ever released that gives poor Haydee any reasonable amount of attention.

      • Oh, um, well I didn’t know there was more than one production. haha Well, I was referring to the 2002 version directed by Kevin Reynolds… starring Jim Caviezel as Dantes.


      • I’ve seen that version, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. It’s one of those classic stories where I will be totally harsh on any adaptation. Since I like it so much. I’m usually not that way with movies, but this is one of those exceptions.

      • That’s kind of like me with Jane Eyre… The only version I’ve seen that I’ve actually liked is the one with Timothy Dalton. However, since it’s 6 hours long, I unfortunately can’t watch it that often. 😦


      • Ohh, Jane Eyre is another story that I really like and have seen multiple versions. Have you seen the new one with Mia and Fassbender? It was okay, not perfect. Still I rather liked Mia in the role of Jane. I can’t remember if I’ve seen the version with Dalton. I don’t think so but I’ll probably go on a movie binge when I re-read Jane Eyre at some point.

      • I haven’t seen the new one with Mia yet, though I’ve wanted to. Still, I’m kind of hesitant, just because I’m loyal to the book, and I really don’t like it when movie makers change the plot up. haha But since you say it’s ok, I might be brave enough to give it a chance. πŸ˜›


      • I was conflicted with myself about whether to buy it or just wait for it to come in from Netflix. I waited and liked it, but it’s not something that I like enough I want to own.

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