Special for Sundays

Special for Sundays is a weekly feature hosted by Gabbing About Books and In Which Ems Reviews Books. Each week will rotate to a different topic of discussion.

1st Sunday: One of your Favorite Books and why is it so special to you

Despite my rather extensive collection of non-fiction books, there are not very many that I would claim to be among my favorite books. However, Wesley the Owl is one of the exceptions. I adore barn owls. I think it originally extended from a certain film I watched growing up, but Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole made it worse and I had no chance against not reading Wesley the Owl. O’Brien’s book elicited a rare reaction from me: I cried at the end. I loved this story so much that I had to have it on my shelves even though I knew it would break my heart every time I read it.


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