Review: Bewitching

TITLE: Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles #2)
AUTHOR: Alex Flinn
PUBLICATION: 2012 by HarperTeen
FORMAT: E-book


Kendra tries to help people with her magic, but sometimes it doesn’t always go swimmingly. However, she can’t sit back and watch as the girl in her new school suffers at the hands of her beautiful yet wicked stepsister. Don’t look for enchanted pumpkins here, but things are about to get a little bewitched.


Kendra was a character that I liked in both the book and movie versions of Beastly so I liked the idea of hearing more about her adventures. One of the great things about this book is the fact that you can read it without having read Beastly, so if you’re just interested in this novel you don’t have to feel obliged to go and read another book before you start Bewitching. The opening chapter made me think that the book may focus on Kendra’s story exclusively since we discover how she became a witch. I imagined perhaps there would be several such chapters where the reader hears about her deeds, both successes and backfires. But she behaves in the background again with an occasion page or two devoted to her opinions. Now I’m not saying this is bad, it just wasn’t expected from when I started reading the opening story.

After the introduction to Kendra’s beginnings, we have the main story of Emma and Lisette, which is our modern twist on the tale of Cinderella. It’s divided up into three parts with breaks in between where we hear of Kendra’s other exploits in the matter of the French court during the 1700s and how she aids a love-struck mermaid in the creature’s quest to be with the one she loves. Every story is told in first person perspective, but there’s no problem understanding who’s speaking because each narrative is clearly marked with whose story it happens to be.

Still I have to admit that I liked Emma. It’s hard not to like a bookish character who would rather be reading than interacting with other people. I could relate to her desire to just hide and read a book rather than be social. Like all heroines who learn things the hard way you are longing to shout at her, “Don’t you see what’s going on? You’ve read this in countless stories!” I still can’t help but adore her so I was glad in the end that she realized the fruits of her folly (sorry, I’ve been playing the end of Shadow Hearts and Albert Simon was shouting that phrase at me on the screen so I must exorcise it).

I noticed a few typos, but that’s to be expected in most books whether they’re electronic or physical, I suppose.

To be honest I liked this a lot better than Beastly. I want to read more about Kendra and her efforts to help poor unfortunate souls so I hope that Flinn writes more of her adventures. It was a pretty fun read. I found myself staying up as long as possible to read, but since I had my Kindle I didn’t want to fall asleep and drop it so I finally had to stop myself and wait for today to finish it off. I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys reading those fairy tale retellings!


One thought on “Review: Bewitching

  1. I’m a little disappointed that this book doesn’t focus more on just Kendra, but I guess it’s nice that we get a few more fairy tale retellings out of the deal. I’m glad to hear you liked it more than Beastly. I liked Beastly, but I wasn’t in love with it.

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