Loki needs to give me freedom from choice!

I have decided that I want to read one more book from my TBR pile and then give myself a treat. What kind of treat do you ask? Why I am going to re-read a book! And I don’t mean I’m going to be digesting it in bits and pieces a chapter or two at a time like I do with The Count of Monte Cristo right now. I am going to read it as my normal fodder.

Yet there’s a problem. I can’t decide what I want to read once I allow myself to go into treat mode! Here are some possibilities that I consider:

As you can see it’s not going to be solved by flipping a coin. And I am not sure what I am in the mood for so I don’t entirely trust myself on using such gut instinct.

I’ve actually been wanting to read Fahrenheit 451 for a few weeks now. It might be appropriate considering the recent passing of Bradbury.

Rampant will be read again anyway at some point because I haven’t read Ascendant yet and it sits there on the shelf, taunting me. The same goes with the Little House series. Out of nine books I’ve only finished three. Something’s wrong with that stat and I aim to wipe it out.

But there are some awesome stand-alone books in this list… oh me, oh my! What a dilemma! Perhaps there should be a battle royale and may the best book win!


9 thoughts on “Loki needs to give me freedom from choice!

  1. Though I haven’t read it, Rampant looks *really* cool – what’s it about? Oh and yes, all the Little House books are great… I’ve read all of them at least twice, haha. I finally finished Inheritance, so now I’m free to read the Count of Monte Cristo – *so* excited. 😀


    • Killer unicorns… do I really need to say any more? There are two books and I’ve read the short story “Errant”. “Errant” can be downloaded for free on the Kindle, or it’s available in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology if you feel up for a trip to the library.

  2. Too many good options! I love The Virgin Suicides, the Bradbury, The Book Thief and In Cold Blood. Whatever you end up picking, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    • I’ve read it at least three or four times over the years and it’s something I keep meaning to go back to. I tried reading Middlesex, but I couldn’t get into. Perhaps I will try again and see if it was just catching me in the wrong mood or it really is not my cup of tea.

  3. Oh this is a tough one. Fahrenheit 451 seems very appropriate, though if I were going to re-read one of his I’d probably pick The Martian Chronicles. I want you to reread Beowulf, but that’s mostly because I want to read it and the illogical part of my brain feels like that would be satisfied if *you* read it 😛

    Little House on the Prairie was a series I obsessively loved when I was younger, but I have no idea how it holds up as an adult reading it. I do love Rampant, but I should warn you, the author thought she had a three book contract but it turned out she only had a two book contract (or so I heard), so Ascendant ends on a super gigantic cliffhanger and there’s no news about a third book coming out anytime soon.

    Good luck with your decision! Maybe pick up one at random, start reading, and see if it clicks with your mood?

    • 451 is the only Bradbury book I’ve actually read. A few months back I though about having a side-project here to read through an author’s body of writings, but I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to do Bradbury or Vladimir Nabokov. Beowulf should be interesting to read now that I don’t have to analyze it for Early British Literature class.

      I remember you saying before that Ascendant ends on a cliff-hanger as the perfect second book for a trilogy so it is in mind. If I do decide to read the Little House books I will probably skip Farmer Boy since I read it at the end of 2011.

      Maybe once I finish my current book I’ll have a mood for what I want to read.

      • Read the Little House books!! (Farmer Boy is my favorite. I can’t wait to reread.) 🙂

  4. Ha! Love the thought of books duking it out for your attention. You’ve got some great contenders. Whichever book is left standing, you’ll be the real winner.

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