And if the world doesn’t end in 2012, then what?

I find it very hard to stick to my guns about not buying books. I’ve been indulging in unrestricted purchasing for years so it’s a very hard habit to break. Although I feel that it’s worth it to show I’m actually accomplishing something by giving myself a goal in my reading and not buying unless I reach that goal. I am tackling that bane of my reading existence, the knowledge that I have all these potentially great books sitting on my shelf and yet I spend all my time reading books from the library or new books I’ve bought to pack into the limited shelf space. So 2012 has been a year of trying to accomplish something.

I was quite pleased to realize that my unread books have reached the realm of forty books. When did that happen? But then I realize it’s because I haven’t been buying books to replace what I read at such an alarming rate. Some books I probably would have read already, but I wanted to save the best for last like my Tolkien books. And there are some others that are part of series or so highly recommended that I just keep putting off for similar reasons. So that leaves stand-alone books that leave me with mixed feelings. Some of them I have been wanting to read and others I wonder why I bought them in the first place. Was it because they were cheap? I admit there were times I hated walking out of the bookstore without having bought something and I wonder why I chose this instead of that. I have a feeling that I’ll be clearing off some shelf space soon.

Yet despite all my self control, what will happen once 2013 rolls around? Do I return to unrestrained book buying binges and see myself back in the same predicament? I certainly hope not. I am thinking about putting a less severe restriction upon myself to help keep any impulses in check. I was thinking about allowing myself to buy any books I wanted to, but make a limit of five books each month. I offer five since I am usually able to read at least that many books each month. I feel that would be a reasonable limit to place upon myself until such time that I have read through all the unfinished books that I own.

Perhaps 2013 will be devoted to watching all those DVDs (movies and season boxed sets) that are langushing on the shelves. Or playing through the insane amount of unfinished video games for both console and handheld systems.

P.S. I kind of have the urge to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 again and use Hawkeye, Dante, and Amaterasu in my party once more.


6 thoughts on “And if the world doesn’t end in 2012, then what?

    • At one time I counted all the unread books I had on my shelves and it totaled about 150. I’ve been fluctuating ever since, going down but then buying a lot of books to eliminate whatever progress I made.

  1. Only 40 books on your TBR pile, that’s impressive! I am still in the realms of the 100s because I can’t give up the library and netgalley habit. Maybe 2013 should be your year of library use?

    • Yes, I am definitely going to push for using the library more often. I rather like not being burdened with books that if I was initially excited to read ended up not being good enough to want to keep on the shelves.

      Although next year might see more focus on e-books as well. I have so many free download and public domain books on both of my e-readers.

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