Someone Thinks Like Me

I’ve been browsing the free downloads in the Kindle Store and I come across something. It unsettles me because it has a similar plot to a novel idea that’s been in my head for over ten years, a story I started writing but never finished.

It’s not exactly the same, but some of the basic premise ideas are there. I don’t plan on reading it though. I’m a bit turned off by the idea of series and this is the prequel to a series. I’ve come to realize that I prefer stand-alone novels. Not always, but most of the time.

Although I have been thinking about taking part in National Novel Writing Month this year. I did it unofficially a couple years ago, just as a motivator to work on writing out a full draft of one of my stories. So I still have the rough draft sitting in a folder awaiting to be revised. I might work on this idea that’s never been fully explored this time.

Yes, I could write at any time, but I get far too distracted by other things. I’m in the last dungeon of Shadow Hearts trying to finish the game, but I’m really wanting to start playing the second game. Although I know if I do that without finishing this, I won’t finish my current save and get the bad ending, because I’ll just start up at the halfway save I have for the game on my memory card so that I can get the good ending where Alice lives. Then of course there are the books… and Netflix… Supernatural… and Jeremy Renner…


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