Finding the Words

The hardest part of writing reviews whether it’s about books, movies, or video games is finding just the right words to measure how you feel about something. So you liked The Avengers? Okay… why? And there’s where you get stuck. I’ve seen the film four times in theaters, but do you see a review on here? No, and I highly doubt that you will because I don’t want to write one. If I did write anything specifically dissecting aspects of that film it would be to defend the appearance of Black Widow and Hawkeye from all the backlash about them being useless additions to the superhero love-fest. I’m looking at you, George Martin.

Back in late April when I joined other bloggers for Dewey’s 24 Hours Read-A-Thon I decided to write my thoughts about the book I was reading so that I could remember specific thoughts or feelings to include in my book review that would be written after the event so that I could have maximum possible time reading books instead of laboring over how to express my thoughts. I liked this notion of writing down live reactions as I read and swore to use it from then on with everything… only to promptly abandon it most of the time.

Have you noticed how much easier it is to say why you dislike something? I was all set to write up a review for an e-book, but I was finding so much to dislike about it that I realized I could be reading something better instead of wasting my time on something that wasn’t. It’s quite amusing that my main problem was with the characters, although when you look at some of the characters that I do like in books or films you would wonder what is wrong with me… unless of course you happen to know me and know my tastes. Because it would all make sense. And then you would wonder why I even tried to read this book in the first place. All I can say in my defense is: if it’s free it’s for me. And I try to read outside my comfort zone since you never know what book will happen to strike your fancy.

So I will finish C.S. Lewis soon and then labor over expressing why I like his book.


4 thoughts on “Finding the Words

  1. I completely agree that it’s much easier to express why you dislike something. I particularly have trouble explaining why I like my favorite books–hence why there are currently no LotR reviews.

    I also sometimes write down notes while reading. But I often find a lot of them are , “What?”, “Why is this happening?”, “I don’t understand.” With luck, one hundred pages later I’ll know the answers to at least some of those questions! But writing while I read, I guess, tends to be gut reactions. I note when I’m confused or find a particular line funny or something like that, but I don’t write a paragraph about why I love the protagonist. I find it more effective to make general notes about my feelings once I have finished the book, and then work from there.

  2. I have found it easier to write reviews when there is a lot to dislike in a book than there is to like. I read James Herriort’s books last year and love them to bits. Yet I’ve not attempted to write a review about them. Why? Well, partly it’s because I can’t describe why I like them, and I thought that with there being eight books, it would get repetitive. So I would be writing eight reviews which would basically say the same thing! So in the end, I didn’t bother to write any.

  3. Great post! 🙂 I completely agree. It’s so much more difficult to talk about things you love, instead you just want to shove the book/DVD etc into someone’s face and order them to look at it haha.
    I’m having that problem as we speak actually. I’m supposed to be writing a review for Snow White and the Huntsman but I loved it so much that instead I’m procrastinating by commenting on your blog 😉

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