This blog is being interrupted from its usual literary endeavors to bring an update on my quest to watch a series that I mentioned awhile back on here. Spoiler warning (although it’s probably not necessary since I must be the last person to watch the show). I’ve been watching season six of Supernatural. Netflix only has up to six so I will have to wait to see season seven. My boyfriend has asked me throughout my quest to view this series on the instant streaming option if I was planning on buying the series. My earlier responses were cautious; I wanted to see more of the show to determine if it was worth it to invest in something that long. Now I reply that I do not wish to own them. I can just watch the show on Netflix if I feel the need for a fix.

If the show was still as good as the first couple of seasons, I would have probably considered buying the show for my own collection because I really liked the beginning. It seems like my liking for it has gone downhill since the storyline started the Apocalypse turn. Although I pretty much adore Castiel. Well, it kind of took an indifferent turn before that but I think I know the reasons.

The writers (or whoever decides the direction of the storyline) would have done better to draw out the events of the first season or so. Personally I think that the search for their father should have extended into season two if not the second season’s finale. It wasn’t really enough of a tease. Even the big Apocalypse lasted only one season… really? (Yu Yu Hakusho and the Dark Tournament saga lasted two seasons.) I think there was a great opportunity to do more with that idea. And it was easier to defeat Lucifer than ol’ Yellow Eyes. Doesn’t that seem a bit skewed? (Although I will credit Death, the pale Horseman, as having the coolest entrance song here.)

As far as character development goes I liked it better when Sam didn’t have his soul as opposed to his behavior involving the demon powers and drinking the blood. And constant apology mode was so annoying. And I’m not quite sure why the one night stand and her kid became such an important part of Dean’s chance for happiness. I would have figured the girl he had the past with in the episode about the phantom truck that was running everyone down on the highway would have been a more suitable candidate on his list of conquests.

I can handle a lot of things but the whole prophet angle with the Supernatural series of books? And the boys being thrown into a Twilight Zone where they are the stars of a television show called Supernatural? Seriously? It’s stuff like this that makes me want to not like you at all. And the fact that no one important truly dies to stay dead (except for perhaps John and Mary Winchester) might have something to do with part of the disenchantment. There’s no fear of being parted from these characters because they always find a way to get around something. And nothing seems all terrible or cosmic as it should be compared to weak human beings. I’m surprised that Death did Dean such a favor. You would think that the idea of mere mortals going up against powerful forces would be right up my alley considering that Yuri’s nickname in Shadow Hearts 2 is Godslayer… but the concept seems to work better for me in the land of RPGs rather than television that really just doesn’t know when to quit.

So in true train wreck fashion, I would still watch season seven. Although I confess that I really want to see that episode with Dean dressed up like a Prohibition era gangster. It’s the clothes. And the hat. I’m having a Cheshire moment of admiring the hat.

I will still get the anime series through their DVD services for comparison purposes. It’ll be nice and short. I’m going to need something short after 126 episodes. Okay, enough rambling. Five episodes left!


Someone Thinks Like Me

I’ve been browsing the free downloads in the Kindle Store and I come across something. It unsettles me because it has a similar plot to a novel idea that’s been in my head for over ten years, a story I started writing but never finished.

It’s not exactly the same, but some of the basic premise ideas are there. I don’t plan on reading it though. I’m a bit turned off by the idea of series and this is the prequel to a series. I’ve come to realize that I prefer stand-alone novels. Not always, but most of the time.

Although I have been thinking about taking part in National Novel Writing Month this year. I did it unofficially a couple years ago, just as a motivator to work on writing out a full draft of one of my stories. So I still have the rough draft sitting in a folder awaiting to be revised. I might work on this idea that’s never been fully explored this time.

Yes, I could write at any time, but I get far too distracted by other things. I’m in the last dungeon of Shadow Hearts trying to finish the game, but I’m really wanting to start playing the second game. Although I know if I do that without finishing this, I won’t finish my current save and get the bad ending, because I’ll just start up at the halfway save I have for the game on my memory card so that I can get the good ending where Alice lives. Then of course there are the books… and Netflix… Supernatural… and Jeremy Renner…

Loki needs to give me freedom from choice!

I have decided that I want to read one more book from my TBR pile and then give myself a treat. What kind of treat do you ask? Why I am going to re-read a book! And I don’t mean I’m going to be digesting it in bits and pieces a chapter or two at a time like I do with The Count of Monte Cristo right now. I am going to read it as my normal fodder.

Yet there’s a problem. I can’t decide what I want to read once I allow myself to go into treat mode! Here are some possibilities that I consider:

As you can see it’s not going to be solved by flipping a coin. And I am not sure what I am in the mood for so I don’t entirely trust myself on using such gut instinct.

I’ve actually been wanting to read Fahrenheit 451 for a few weeks now. It might be appropriate considering the recent passing of Bradbury.

Rampant will be read again anyway at some point because I haven’t read Ascendant yet and it sits there on the shelf, taunting me. The same goes with the Little House series. Out of nine books I’ve only finished three. Something’s wrong with that stat and I aim to wipe it out.

But there are some awesome stand-alone books in this list… oh me, oh my! What a dilemma! Perhaps there should be a battle royale and may the best book win!


Look what I found in those big 100 movies genre packs at Wal-Mart.


This explains why I didn’t get the references in From Reverence to Rape because all I do is watch horror flicks!

Kindle and Library Books

I put several titles on hold through the library’s e-books awhile back, but due to my utter lack of interest in checking my email on a semi-regular basis I missed the requests that I had placed. I clicked on a few more and waited. At the time I did not own my Kindle, having nothing but a vague notion that I would buy one at some point yet not wishing to be confined to the Kindle PC app. Now I have a Kindle and the possibilities are interesting. I had requested titles with EPUB formats because my Alura-tek supports them and those files do not require much space, playing to my desire not to have to move some of my books from the e-reader’s hard drive to the PC.

One of the books that I had previously requested but missed checking out was The Postmistress. There has been interest in this title ever since it was first released. I almost bought a copy when Borders was having its liquidation sales, but I was having one of those moments of willpower when I told myself that I didn’t need to buy any more books that I hadn’t already read and could get them through the library. This book was available as an EPUB and Kindle file, so with the option of selecting which version I wanted I clicked on the Kindle option that took me to the Amazon page. It could only be downloaded through USB, but my Kindle needed a bit of a charge after my time reading Loki and the killer unicorns short story “Errant” anyway.

It’s a painless procedure. Much better than when I first encountered the e-books through the library option a few years back. They had their own e-book app for the computer and it seemed a pain to download that and the books. E-readers are much nicer.

I would dive into The Postmistress right away, but I want to finish my current read about the sociology of women in the movies. I hope to have it done within the next couple of days with any luck. And by luck I mean not getting distracted by things like Tom Hiddleston or Supernatural.

The Hollow Crown

Why in the world would I be getting excited about Shakespeare?

I saw gifs from this trailer and got more worked up than certain screencaps from The Deep Blue Sea. The sight of swords and armor and Hiddles induced flailing! And Jeremy Irons? I don’t stand a chance!

Geek Alert

I know what I want for my birthday. And I also know what I want for Christmas. Or I could be frivolous for a change and purchase them myself.

I had originally planned on just asking for the last two volumes to complete Tolkien’s History of Middle-Earth series for my collection, but the books can wait since I haven’t even read any of the ten installments I currently own. I. WANT. THESE. All the articulation… the pose possibilities… the notion of having a twelve inch model of movie-Hawkeye on my shelf!

Another E-Reader

I received my brand new Kindle today!  I am quite excited.  I purchased a basic model because 1.) I hate touch screens and 2.) I don’t need a fancy Internet browser.  I just want to be able to read e-books. I also bought a leather cover for it. Some might find the keyboard menu irritating, but I’m a gamer. Do you have any idea how long I used a similar screen to input data for my music CDs that I ripped to my Xbox so I could have a customized soundtrack for Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

I bought two books for the Kindle (which has been established that e-books wouldn’t break my vow of 2012 considering the precise wording), and although I have the app for the computer downloaded I just can’t read sitting at my monitor. (Ironic considering how long I can stare at Tom Hiddleston images…) So I needed the actual e-reader. The books purchased are the following:

It’s pretty obvious why I am excited for Loki. If you have no idea then you’ve not been paying attention! And Roma Victrix is interesting because I own the first book in the trilogy as a paperback edition, and yet I purchased the second volume here as an e-book. Lysandra wasn’t that likeable in Gladiatrix, but I couldn’t for the life of me put that book down. Even though it’s been a few years since I read that book I can still remember a good deal of it, which it quite surprising considering how forgetful I am in regards to books.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have a ton of free Kindle downloads. I did like The Children of Odin and seen it available so it was hard to resist.

P.S. I also bought Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants in my recent Amazon order since the hardcover book was reduced in price. I liked the book, what can I say? I guess I’ve just had better luck with Gaiman’s children’s books.

From Koudelka to the New World

There’s been a discussion in the Women Gamers community at LiveJournal about what the definition of a hardcore gamer is opposed to that of a casual one. It’s probably really down to hair splitting but it makes me think of my own gaming experience. I can go for very long periods of time without gaming, but there are times were I just can’t get enough of video games to the point where my books are greatly neglected. My own collection of consoles and handheld systems puts very few titles out of my reach.
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