Dewey’s 24 Hours Read-A-Thon

This will be my master post for the event. All updates across the 24 hour period will be recorded on this entry.

I don’t really have an idea of what books I aim to read for this event because every time I set out to make a list, I rarely stick with it so I will just warn you that I plan to read whatever mood strikes me. And don’t look for me to check in every hour because I’ll probably do it only when I need to come up for air.

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24 Hours to Read or Die

Too much anime is the only explanation for my mental problems.

It’s that time of year again! The 24 Hour Read-a-Thon! I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished in the last event back in October, but I aim to do better this time around. I won’t be going off to offline social website gatherings with my friends. (Although I did get that pretty edition of Jane Eyre so I guess it wasn’t a total waste.) I’ve spent far too much time reading books from the library for April so it’s time to tackle my own books on the shelf! And Runelight arrived in the mail so there’s further temptation to deviate from my April goals!

The books I aim to be reading for this weekend’s event are the following:
The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank
How the Irish Saved Civilization – Thomas Cahill
This Side of Paradise – F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes – Andrew Lycett
The Wolf King – Alice Borchardt
Scarlet – Stephen R. Lawhead
Imperium – Robert Harris

Fitzgerald is an e-book so I should give my e-reader some much needed attention, I think. Imperium is a book that I borrowed from a friend last year and still haven’t read, so I really need to get on it and return the book to her. Will I keep to these books? I don’t know. It’s entirely possible that I get distracted. I added several more than I originally planned in case I find I accomplish more reading than expected. Anyway I’ve decided that I’m going to use this post as my collective for all updates for this year’s event instead of several after so many hours go by. Be sure to check back if you want to know how things are progressing.

Good luck to all my fellow readers during the next 24 hours! Keep calm and read on!

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Belated Readathon

Dead White Guys is having a belated 24 hour read-a-thon this weekend. I haven’t really accomplished much so far. I think my problem is that I am not sure what I’m in the mood for at the moment. The Night Circus left me in one of those states where I’m at a loss to decide what kind of book could possibly follow it in awesome, but alas I must read something or I shall never know. Unless I want to reread, but I would really like to chisel more into my TBR pile before visiting something I’ve already read again.

The first book I read and finished during this event was something I had already started reading. I had acquired a bargain priced Nancy Drew mystery from a big-chain bookstore a couple of months ago. Yes, I know that these books are hopelessly old fashioned and outdated, but they’re tokens of childhood nostalgia when my love for reading really took off. This book was Nancy’s Mysterious Letter. Yes, these books have the predictable happy ending where Nancy solves the case and saves the day, but sometimes this isn’t a bad thing.

I’m only a few chapters in the book I am reading now. Don’t ask me why I decided to read an X-Files novel. These were my reading crack in high school. I never paid attention in the Current Affairs class because I always had my nose buried in these books yet somehow I still pulled A’s on everything. Somehow I missed Skin though. I found this selling cheap in one of the dollar stores over the summer and again nostalgia took over. I confess that I had a crush on Fox Mulder back in the day. It’s unclear whether or not I’ll be able to finish this book in the time frame. I’m afraid I could get distracted having a new kitten around.

Is anyone else participating? How are you doing in your reading this weekend?